Hebei Yudea New Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yudea Group) is a large, modern, high-tech enterprise which specialize in research ,produce and sales of new energy vehicle. we consider integrity and quality as our operation spirit. Until now we have four factories, Hebei Xinyuzhou Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd (Shijiangzhuang, Hebei), Hebei Juqian Electric Vehicle Co.,Ltd(Handan, Hebei), Shanxi Yudea New Energy Vehicle Co.,Ltd (Shangluo, Shanxi) and Anqing Andaer Automobile Co.,Ltd (Wangjiang, Anwei) . All the four factories have the stamp, welding, painting, assembly and test line, and the sales network cover all over the country with continuous supply and prompt service. 

                The main products include 21 types of different new energy vehicles, more than 100 kinds of products, such as new energy vehicle, new energy bus, mobile police room, police patrol car, police modified car, electric sightseeing cars ,cleaning cars and so on. While gaining high praise from domestic consumers, the products are also exported to Russia, Myanmar, India, Italy, Egypt, Chile, Uruguay and so on. Now we have more than 100 patents, 3 licenses of special equipment, and we also get ISO9001 certificate.

                Each of the four factories have the different superior product, and also each of them has different location advantage: Hebei Xinyuzhou Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd is located in Shijiazhuang equipment base. The total investment is 1.06 billion and it covers 240,000m2 with produce capacity of 130,000/year. Hebei Juqian Electric Vehicle Co.,Ltd is in Handan with produce capacity of 20,000/year, which produces different kinds of police cars; Shanxi Yudea New Energy Vehicle Co,.Ltd is located in Shangluo City, Shanxi Province, based on the northwest market with produce capacity of 20,000/year,the main product is including different 6-12m new energy buses and coach , command vehicles, survey vehicles, personnel carriers and other police modified vehicles Series, and large and medium-sized washing vehicles, sprinklers, road sweepers, sewage trucks and other sanitation vehicles; Anqing Andaer Automobile Co.,Ltd is located in Wangjiang County, Anqing City, Anhui Province. Facing the market of middle of China, east of China, south of China, its main production are Andaerlight bus, modified SUV, new energy coach and city bus with produce capacity of 20,000/year.

                Based on the research and practise of Yudea group, Yudea Auto Research Institute bring into fresh and advanced technical theory and active innovation. The institute is mainly responsible for technical research, technical consult and transfer of technical achievement. Its purpose is providing technology for the new energy vehicle industry, and providing technical support for the group international development. In this way, it ensure Yudea group have a good circle innovation level.

                Yudea has recognized as the one of top ten national police equipment brands in 2015. Hebei Xinyuzhou electric vehicle Co.,Ltd earned a lot of honor such like The Model Unite Of China is Emerging Industry, Gold Award of Hebei Industrial Design Award, Hebei High-tech Enterprises, Member of China Police Association Safeguards Branch. The Yudea police cars honored as The Model Shape Of New Energy Vehicle Purchase Of China Government, and National Government Procurement Administrative Law Enforcement New Model Model Award. And at same time, we have been listed in The Police Car Purchase Enterprises by Ministry Of Public Security for eight years. Besides, Our CEO, Mr. Lvhongtao, was named the Top Ten Leader of China New Industry and Top Ten Influential Man Of Hebei Economy. And also was elected as the vice chairman of the Hebei Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Standing Committee of the Hebei Provincial Political Consultative Conference, and the representative of the Shijiazhuang Municipal People is Congress.

                The mobile police room and elect-patrol van produced by Yudea were continually used in security and guard work of important events, such as the 26th World University Games, the 18th National Congress Security, the 12th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, Fortune Global Forum, Boao Forum for Asia, the military parade of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the world anti-fascist, The 70th anniversary of inner Mongolia autonomous region, Xiamen BRICS Conference in 2017, the 18th and 19th National Congress.

                With the progress we are making, we insist our social responsibility and continue to repay back to society. Our group has donated more than 500 million Yuan to Wenchuan Earthquake, Yushu Earthquake, Yaan earthquake and other public welfare activities since 2008. What is more, We have donated more than 200 vehicles to Kashi police, Xinjiang, Shijiazhuang Urban Management Bureau, Shangluo police, Shanxi, Baoshan police and Qujing police, Yunnan, in which way we dedicate ourselves to the protection and stability of the society.

                Yudea group insistchoose Yudea, share prosperityas our development ideal, and take technical innovation as our own responsibility. We will keep developing new product, and keep opening up new development to achieve hundreds Yudue, and world Yudea. We will work hard on human environment protection with our action. Innovative development, enlightening the future and bring you a new milestone in the era of new energy vehicles.                        

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